About us

Our History

We have been using AutoCAD since 2008 to make revision- and design drawings for the underground infrastructure sector.

Via a couple of AutoCAD courses we have learned a lot to be able to make libraries, templates and toolpalettes. Hereby we can have a more uniform and more efficient workflow.

Since 2010 we took a dive into making plugins with VBA (Which has been replaced by VB.NET). With this technology we are able to write more complex programs like for example:
- A controlled drilling designer
- Importing GPS-coordinates from the cloud
- Retraction arch design
- Route designer with slot details and bills of materials.

The possibilities are endless. And we would like to get in contact with you to discuss them.

Our Future

Our future vision is to keep developing customer specific and plug&play apps for CAD software and streamlining workspace environments for various customers.
We strive to keep our costumers satisfied every day.

Our Team

Markus Verboom


CAD has always been a passion of mine. Just drawing didn't satisfy me after a while. Seeking the borders of my capabilities and searching for new ways to achieve what i want is a challenge i'm always willing to take.
Founding ProCAD was a logic step in that process.

Josh Verboom

Designer / Tester

Being the younger brother of Markus I always liked following in his footsteps. Even now when it comes to work. I started looking into CAD out of interested for new possibilities and i'm currently in charge of helping Markus out where i can with for example making drawings or making toolpalettes for his clients.